The Rock has reopened for the 2022-2023 school year!!!

The Rock is now open!  We will be slowly increasing how often we are open, how long we are open, and how much we are serving in our coffee shop.  We'd love for students to come in and say hello to our new Excutive Director (Joe) and our new Assistant Director (Hannah) and share their desires for The Rock for this coming school year.

If you are a youth pastor, involved in ministry to kids, or looking to serve kids through the use of The Rock building, please reach out to us to schedule a time to use the building. 

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Hours of Operation

Monday: Noon-1:30pm
Tuesday: Noon-1:30pm
Wednesday: Noon-1:30pm
Thursday: Noon-1:30pm
Friday: Noon-1:30pm

Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Help us stay open or even extend our hours. Come join our amazing team of volunteers!! Scroll down for more info!

If you would like to schedule use of the building, please email us!

Volunteer With Us
We are able to keep our doors open because of our amazing Volunteers.

Without our amazing, faithful and sacrificial adult volunteers, The Rock would cease to exist.  The Rock is always in need of more volunteers dedicated to spending a little time every week serving the youth of our valley.  We need volunteers for food prep, cleaning, as well as investing in the youth through building relationships.  Please consider spending an hour a week volunteering at The Rock! 

Bozeman, MT

214 N 11th Ave

The Rock

Students of all ages are welcome at The Rock. 


Ghost Town Coffee free drip.  Rosa's Pizza.  Lunch & snacks served Daily.